The Management in “PLM”

Product lifecycle managemnet

What is Management? How do I manage? What do managers do?

These are most common queries that most of us have been asked more than once. Harold D. Koontz who was an American organizational theorist, famously quoted “Management is the art of getting things done through and with people in formally organized groups.”

From Organization perspective, management helps to bring together all 6M, i.e. Men, Money, Machines, Materials, Methods and Markets. Organization widely view, Management as an individual or a group of individuals that accept responsibilities to run an organization.

From Product Lifecycle perspective, management of product comprises of various activities such as organization and co-ordination of product-related possessions, decision-taking, setting purposes and control of consequences. Management is a never-ending process. Management is result oriented because it gives lot of reputation to Results, such as reduction in development time, increase in sales, simplified services, reduction in recycling or disposal time. Management is used to get the best result all the times.

A manufacturing company need to manage a product in all stages of its lifecycle.

  • A product when its visualized by someone and emerges as an idea, needs to be managed, so that its documented to avoid future discrepancies and never lost.
  • A product needs to be managed when it’s in design phase. For example, a product that is not well managed during design, does not meet the customer requirements and cause loss to the manufacturing company
  • A product needs to be managed when its manufactured on the shop floor. For instance, a product needs to be managed well to make sure it meets the design specifications and no variation arises during production.
  • A product needs to be managed when its consumed or serviced. A typical scenario, where an automobile should be serviced regularly and properly maintained for a longer life span and better fuel economy.
  • A product needs to be managed when it’s made obsolete and disposed. A biological waste from a surgery room, or a radiation waste from an nuclear research center if not properly managed can cause serious threats to environment as well as other living beings in close proximity.

Product lifecycle management (PLM)  is a process, is a business management activity that support to manage the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, through engineering design,  to manufacture, to service and finally to dusk and disposal.

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